Making Your Marriage Deployment Ready

(1 Day Workshop at the unit, chapel or church level)

Steve and Carleene discuss the Biblical Principles of Marriage in the context of Deployment and use small group interaction, questions and answers and couple projects to prepare for deployment.

Session 1 – Deployment Threats

  • Difficult Adjustments.
  • Selfishness.
  • Communications
  • Deployment

Session 2 – Mission Planning

God’s Design for Marriage

  • Leave, Cleave and Become One Flesh
  • The Garden and the Triangle of Relationship (God as the Center of Your Marriage)

Session 3 – Thriving During Deployment

Choosing Your Attitude – 5 Keys To Thriving During Deployment

  • Growing
  • Being In Community – JTD Opportunity
  • Faith in God (Testimony)
  • God is in Control
  • God as Anchor


Journey Through Deployment (JTD) – Igniting Hope, Building Resilience

(1 Day Workshop)

The Journey through Deployment Program is conducted as a series of one day workshops at the unit, chapel or church level aligned with a unit’s deployment cycle.  Each session can be presented as a standalone program or all three can be presented in series.

Deployments and separations can take a significant toll on any marriage.  You can minimize that toll by investing in your marriage before, during and after the deployment.

Gain the wisdom of God’s Word, the wisdom of experience from others who have gone before, and the wisdom of friends who will walk with you through the preparation phase, the actual separation and then help to prepare you for the reunion.

JTD workshops develop the idea that women will recognize there is spiritual power available to help them be emotionally and spiritually strong for the days ahead.  Our desire is to ‘ignite hope’ with the light of God’s Word and the power of God’s love.  Each workshop includes group interaction with practical tools for some ‘take it home’ action points.

Goal of JTD:  Empower women to love their husbands well.  Encourage them to keep their marriage strong and not to fear the future, and Educate them about the spectrum of combat trauma.

JTD 1 – Loving Your Military Man

(1 Day Workshop)

Initial Phase of Deployment.

  • Military Wives Living Life Together
  • O My Soul March on in Strength
  • Women of Integrity
  • Introduction to the book:  Loving Your Military Man by Bea Fishback

Take Home Resource: Going out on a LYMM (Loving Your Military Man)

JTD 2 – Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Going

(1 Day Workshop)

Stabilization phase of the deployment.

  • Personal growth opportunities for wives…
  • Keeping perspective and focus on the deployment in a positive way.
  • Introduction to loss and grieving process.

Take Home Resource:   She’s Got Issues – Seriously Good News for Stressed out, Secretly Scared, Control Freaks Like Us by Nicole Unice.

JTD 3 – Marriage 2.0: Homecoming

(1 Day Workshop)

This workshop helps prepare wives for reintegration by addressing expectations, reconnecting, and understanding the spectrum of combat trauma related issues from a Biblical perspective.

  •  My Soul March on in Strength

Focus on A>E>R: Understanding our Attitudes and Emotions can trigger certain Responses. Recognizing that Godly attitudes can help overcome weaknesses and tendencies to be negative. Explain God has a passion for us, and there is the power of Christ available. God’s hope does not disappoint us.

  • Rocks in the Ruck

Recognize loss is an integral part of life.  From helping our children say goodbye (again) to friends, to coping with the difficulties of deployment, we suffer loss throughout our lives. Interactive to challenge women to focus on unresolved issues in their own lives, from a biblical perspective, and to introduce forgiveness as a way to ‘free’ them from the ‘baggage’ they may be carrying around.  Summarize how important it is to be strong, spiritually, emotionally and physically to remain hopeful no matter what challenges lie ahead.

  •  When War Comes Home

An overview and discussion of the contents of the manual. Learning how combat trauma may impact their husbands, marriages and families.  Women will be challenged to see the hope and healing found in God and will gain practical tools and strategies to guide them through homecoming, reintegration and into a promising future.

  •  Understanding Your Warrior Husband

Focus on an understanding of respect from a man’s point of view.  Be encouraged that love and respect brings rewards and health to a marriage. Summarize and encourage ‘take it home’ action points.

Take Home Resource: When War Comes Home Manual (small groups may be formed to go through the book together).

Marriage Reintegration Workshop

(1 Day Workshop at the unit, chapel or church level)

Steve and Carleene discuss the Biblical Principles of Marriage in the context of Reintegration and use small group interaction, questions and answers and couple projects to enable a successful transition/reintegration after deployment.  The Art Of Marriage Video Series provides the basis for this workshop.

Session 1 – Love Happens (God’s Design for Marriage)

  • Leave, Cleave and Become One Flesh
  • The Garden and the Triangle of Relationship (God as the Center of Your Marriage)

Session 2 – Love Fades then Blossoms

  • Understand how to overcome isolation and reestablish Oneness
  • Dealing with the Combat Experience and Combat Stress

Session 3 – Love Interrupted

  • Getting the Rocks out of the Ruck – Loss and Grieving
  • Find ways to improve communication and effectively resolve conflicts

Session 4 – Love Always

  • Your Marriage matters to more than just you
  • Make plans to leave a lasting legacy


State of Our Union

(1 Hour Seminar with take Home Project or 2 Day Retreat)

In God’s Design for creation we learn in Genesis that before the Fall Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed, and they walked with God in the Garden.  Their vertical relationship with God and their horizontal relationships with each other were transparent and complete.  Our vision for marriage should be to return to that original design of being naked and unashamed and walking with God in the Garden.  So how are we doing?  How is the State of Your Union?

As part of investing and growing in our marriage it is critical that we prayerfully ask God to reveal to us how we are doing in our marriage in light of His design and encourage us to take steps to “return to the Garden” to the extend we can.

In the this session, we help you discuss with each other where you stand in several dimensions of your marriage and actions you can take to reduce them.  These dimensions are:

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • Financial


Bridges to Healing Workshop

(1 Day Seminar)

Bridges to Healing seminars seek to educate, enlist, equip and encourage churches to become “Bridges to Healing” to help active duty, guard, reserve and veteran troopers achieve victory over the hidden wounds of war and combat trauma through Christ –centered solutions for troops and families.  This seminar introduces approaches and resources to help churches minister to the military in our midst.

In Partnership with:

Military Ministry

American Association of Christian Counselors

Defending the Military Marriage

(1 Day Seminar or 5 week Small Group Study)

Service men and women get top notch military mission training, but often the find that they are ill-equipped to complete the lifelong mission spelled out in their wedding vows – especially while facing the unique challenges and pressures of military life.

To help military couples cope with and even thrive in this assignment Family Life and Military Ministry have developed this small group study.

Session 1:  Basic Training.  Learn the basic principles that will refresh your perspective on your marriage mission.

Session 2 – Communicating in the Trenches.  Meet each other’s need for communication – even during deployment.

Session 3 – More Month than Money Blues.  Prioritize needs and work through challenges unique to military families.

Session 4 – SEAL Training (Sexual Accountability and Love).  Recognize the temptations that can threaten your marriage and make positive steps to keep you covenant.

Mothers and Their Sons.  (1 Hour Seminar)

Today’s Military Optempo environment puts particular stress on the relationship between Mothers and their Sons.   Steve and Carleene will give thoughts and lead discussion on:  what it means to be a teenage boy with a Dad deployed; the stress on a Mom raising son(s) with a Dad downrange including tips on how to build and maintain a relationship with your son(s); and challenges and tips on being the parents, grandparents and inlaws to the family of a deployed soldier.

When War Comes Home to Children – Little People Dealing with Big People Problems.

(1 Hour Seminar)

The journey through childhood is difficult and confusing for both parents and children.  Add the potential volatility of a father struggling with combat stress or even just his repeated absences and you have a truly challenging voyage.  Steve and Carleene Myer along with Anjanette Franklin discuss:  How Deployment and Combat Trauma can affect kids; Common Problems faced by children of Combat Stress sufferers; Practical Solutions to Embrace to help your family reintegrate and reestablish healthy relationships.

Top Ten Hints to a Successful Military Marriage

(1 hour Seminar)

Steve and Carleene developed this equipping seminar to help Military couples focus on the things they can do to invest in their marriage in the midst of the challenges of military life.  Each hint is supported by a Scripture verse.

1 – Love is a Decision.  Col. 3:1-3

2 – Make Dating and Romance a regular part of your lives together.  Song of Sol. 2:15

3 – Don’t take yourselves too seriously.  Prov. 17:22

4 – “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil a foothold.”          Eph. 4:26

5 – Give each other the benefit of the doubt.  2 Peter 1:5-11

6 – Affirm, Appreciate and give Affection.  R+E+S+P+E+C+T  Eph. 5:21

7 – Enjoy and support each other’s success.  Phil. 4: 8, 9

8 - See your life together as an adventure from God.  Eph. 2:10

9 – “A three cord strand is not easily broken”.  Ecc. 4:12

10 – Celebrate your Marriage.  Prov.  18:22

Loving Your Military Man (LYMM)

10 week Bible Study

This 10 week study teaches what God has to say about how to love a military man.  Marriage, although a blessing, is not always easy.  In the military culture a wife must learn how to love, respect and honor her husband even when he is g0ne for extended periods of time often in harm’s way.  This is even more essential when communication is limited and especially when he returns from a dangerous and stressful assignment or deployment.

This study is intended to be a small group experience – for women to share the joys and struggles they experience in a military marriage.  Each Chapter includes and opening story followed by:

Basic Training – Questions to answer before the meeting

Advanced Training – Small group discussion

Marching Orders – Take Home Project

On the Home Front – Questions to share with your husband

Currently taught at the Ft Bragg PWOC by Diana Juergens and Patti Minetta

Spiritual Leadership

(1 Hour Workshop)

Steve brings together his command experience and appreciation of chaplains contribution to the mission and the long term resilience of soldiers and their families.  He explores Jesus’ example of servant leadership as a commander and as a chaplain and encourages chaplains in their role as spiritual leaders as well as staff officers.

When War Comes Home

(13 Week Bible Study)

When “War Comes Home” speaks to wives of troopers and combat veterans who are struggling with the hidden wounds of war, ranging across the entire range of Combat Trauma from reintegration challenges to the severity of Post-Traumatic Stress.  When War Comes Home offers Christ Centered solutions for the “Secondary Trauma wives and families may face –when his trauma symptoms impact the family and even begin to show up in her.  Insights from the medical and counseling community wrapped in biblical principles, combined with the shared experiences of wives who are veterans of their own husbands PTS struggles guide the wife of a warrior to

  • Understand what happened to her husband – spiritually, psychologically and physiologically
  • Understand how her husband’s trauma symptoms are affecting her
  • Learn how to positively deal with grief and loss and the forgiveness issues associated with PTS
  • Learn how to build her own healing place
  • Understand and focus on her true identity in Christ
  • Recognize the real enemy and engage in the spiritual war she and her family are engaged in
  • Learn how she can contribute to her husband’s healing environment
  • Learn how to construct and safe, healthy environment for her children
  • Understand the process of moving to a new normal

Carleene is currently leading this study at PWOC, Ft Bragg.

Combat Trauma Healing Manual

(10 Week Small Group Bible Study)

Steve is leading soldiers and chaplains through this important resource on Combat Trauma.  The Combat Trauma Healing Manual offers spiritual solutions for coping with Post Traumatic Stress by helping soldiers and families construct an environment that will give God optimal access to the wounds of the soul.  By combining the latest insights of the medical and psychiatric communities with the timeless principals of God’s Word, the manual outlines the step-by-step program that offers solutions to help Combat Stress sufferers:

  • Understand  trauma – Spiritually, psychologically and physiologically
  • Adopt therapeutic disciplines to grow closer to God
  • Process loss and grief
  • Experience the freeing influence of giving and receiving forgiveness
  • Rebuild an identity based on God’s Word
  • Strengthen their Spiritual core against future attacks
  • Connect with those who support them
  • Define plans to reintegrate with family and society