Dear Tim, I got your note today (Jun 11) and it was wonderful to be connected to you.  I know you’re busy but knowing we are in touch means so much.

I am honestly jealous (in a good way) of the men that you have drawn to yourself to be your mentors and supporters.  From your platoon sergeants at Ft Hood, to your current 1SG and XO, you have drawn the best and made them even better.  This is where legacy and impact intersect.  Was he a great leader because he had great subordinates, or was he a great leader who grew up his subordinates?  At work, we call this your second team.  It is not just your second tier of leaders who get work done, they are the people that you are investing your own experience in, so that they can be your legacy.  I sense this going on everyday in your unit, don’t discount it’s wonderful effect.  You are managing the present and building a future with God’s power.


1 Kings 19:21.  Then he arose and followed Elijah, and became his servant.


One of the sterner tests of leadership is to raise up more leaders, even better than yourself.


Heavenly Father, I pray a continued blessing on Tim as a leader.  Draw good, strong people to him, those that would be focused on the team, on the unit, not on themselves.  Give him the power to train encourage and model Godly leadership to them and have an eternal significance not just a passing one.  In the name of our greatest leader, Jesus Christ, we pray.

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