Goodbye ManifestGood Bye Manifest. It has become an ordinary happening for our soldiers, the last manifest and last goodbye before deploying. It is somber, business like, yet the emotions of separation are just beneath the surface. We were at a manifest this month and as the soldier laden buses slowly pulled away heading to Green Ramp (where the planes are loaded) the families that had come to say their last goodbyes seemed to vanish to their cars, not wishing to linger. Then behind us the wail began. A five year old boy who was old enough to understand could no longer contain his tears and his wail echoed across the concrete around the barracks .”Daaady “ cried the little one, with the teddy bear with the dog tags trailing behind him. Inconsolable, we approached his mom, with his three year old sister clinging to their mom. “What’s your name, honey, I said to the little boy?” “Jake, and today is my birthday and my Daddy got this bear soldier for me.” And then the crying continued in earnest. His sister said , “Me too, look my bear got a ‘hole’ in it already. It’s not my birthday but I got a bear too.” No one was left in the unit area but us. As Jake wailed, his mother began crying. “Can Steve pick up Jake, I said,. We want to help you to the car.” She looked down at her ‘baby bump’ and nodded. And then she cried, ‘he can’t get home for the baby’s birth’. Steve picked 5 year old Jake up, teddy bear with the dog tags and all. Jake wrapped himself in Steve’s jacket, put his head down on his chest and sighed.

I guess this Daddy will have to do for now……”The Military Heart”

And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us. -Romans 5:5

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Thy Kingdom come,
The Military Heart

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