Duty Day with God ~ May 9, 2013


Steve and Larry Ledford had the privilege of participating in a Duty Day with God with 2-319th FA BN hosted by CH Mike Krog.  The day started at reveille, and after a devotion by Mike we set out on a run on Ardennes Street.  (It is classified on how long ago I did that the last time).  As part of the run the group had to carry four 40 lb duffle bags named FEAR, DEPAIR, DOUBT and HATE.   We ended the run at the All American Chapel, and after a good Army breakfast, Steve gave a devotional using Hebrews 12:1-2 to talk about God’s power for Spiritual Fitness and Resilience.   Of course part of the story is throwing off the hindrances like the FEAR, DESPAIR, DOUBT and HATE that we carried on the run!!  The BN gave Steve a recently fired 105mm Artillery round, badges attached, as a gift of appreciation.   The group then proceeded to McKellar’s Lodge where we fired guns and shot bows and arrows.  Larry taught advanced shooting skills that the soldiers really appreciated and he even got Carleene out on the range to shoot a 9mm!!


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